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The Archies: Katrina Kaif Calls Agastya Nanda ‘Effortless’, Says Suhana Khan ‘Shines In Every Frame’

<p>The Archies, starring Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, and Khushi Kapoor, is scheduled to premiere on December 7. The film’s star-studded premiere was held by the creators ahead of the same. Former cast member Katrina Kaif has now reviewed the movie on social media and praised the performances of the new actors.</p>
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<p>“#TheArchies Takes you back to an era of innocence and charm that we seem to have forgotten, so beautifully crafted and attention is given to each and every frame, musicals are the hardest genre to crack and this just got it so right.. brilliantly choreographed songs and imaginatively shot,” Katrina wrote in her Instagram story post of the movie’s poster.</p>
<p>“My @zoieakhtar there just is none like you, your eye your talent what you bring to whatever genre you choose, such an original unique voice, you get actors like no one can, you see the most special thing about that actor and you bring that on screen,” the user wrote, praising Zoya Akhtar’s extraordinary talent. You’re just a really talented, gifted, and skillful person. You seem to be developing a body of work fit for a movie star.</p>
<p>“And the KIDS STUNNING ENDEARING THE PERFECT CAST,” she concluded. They make you grin and chuckle. #augustya has such a beautiful screen presence and exudes effortlessness that she really belongs on the big screen. @suhanakhan2 This seems to be your tenth movie; you shine in each shot, and that dancing is amazing! Khushi05k @ is so charming and beautiful, making you feel something for her @mihirahuja_You had hilarious timing, which I really enjoyed. @dotandthesyllables Perfect in her peculiar position as @yuvraimenda I like you guys. @vedangraina is so lovely in every scene that it makes you think of the former Hollywood musical stars Zo Zo and Reema Kagti. Congratulations.</p>

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