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SRK’s Video on ‘Right’ Portrayal of Women in Cinema Goes Viral But Internet Has Doubts

<p>With much controversy, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s latest release, “Animal,” has emerged as the most talked-about movie of 2023. The film, which stars Rashmika Mandanna and Ranbir Kapoor in the key parts, has drawn criticism for how it treats female characters. Its retrograde storyline is being denounced by critics, who further charge that it openly promotes toxic masculinity. Amidst this controversy, an old video of Shah Rukh Khan talking about his unwavering dedication to showing women “rightfully” in his films has made a comeback on social media.</p>
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<p>In the viral video, Shah Rukh Khan lays out a core value that he has upheld throughout his acting and producing career: making sure that women are treated fairly in his movies. He claims that being a popular romantic hero has been greatly aided by his dedication to chivalry, both on and off-screen.</p>
<p>SRK explains his position by saying, “We may not have had a lot of women-dominated films in the last 15-20 years.” Those are movies with lesser budgets. A woman’s improper representation in a movie strikes me as a very personal matter. In my infinite wisdom, I would never create or appear in a movie like that. Although you may be cheeky, attempt to convince her, and crack a few jokes, a lady in the movie should always be treated with the utmost respect.</p>
<p>“In actuality, the love stories have worked out well for me because I have portrayed women in my films in a positive light,” he continues. I have regarded women as equals in my stories more than personally. I believe that my girlfriends have always been appreciated, which is one of the reasons people believe that I make a wonderful romantic hero.</p>
<p>Some praised Shah Rukh Khan for his polite and respectful off-screen attitude, while others contended that his on-screen personas often go against this image. Netizens have posted snippets from all of SRK’s films, including “Darr,” “Anjaam,” and even “Baazigar,” exposing moments in which his characters display toxic masculinity and refuting his assertion that he has never worked on a picture where women are portrayed incorrectly.</p>
<p>“I have no dislike for him. However, the majority of his beloved films still have themes rooted in seriously incorrect gender politics,” a user on the microblogging platform “X” said.</p>
<p>Shahrukh ought to rewatch his films. and then discuss how women are portrayed,” another person said.</p>
<p>The video has received over 1.9 million views on the site since it was published, sparking conversations on SRK’s on-screen decisions as well as the larger problem of female portrayal in Bollywood.</p>

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