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WPL 2024: Marizanne Kapp of the Delhi Capitals gives the UP Warriorz the Monday Blues at Chinnaswamy

<p>The next time the South African women’s team tours, they may want to send a petition to their cricket board demanding that they play their matches in Bengaluru.</p>
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<p>At the ladies’s Premier League, two erratic ladies have stolen the show the last two nights. The Gujarat Giants’ innings was thwarted by Shabnim Ismail on Sunday night. On Monday night, it was the turn of a former bowling partner of hers, who was an active South African cricket player, to shine under the Chinnaswamy lights.</p>
<p>When the tournament’s inaugural edition took place in Mumbai in 2023, Marizanne Kapp was the second-highest wicket-taker for the Delhi Capitals. She maintained her spot in the playing XI, though, as DC chose to start Jess Jonassen among the reserves. This was in spite of the record-breaking purchase of Annabel Sutherland during the December auction.</p>
<p>The South African proved her value on Monday with a spell that will be difficult to duplicate for the rest of the competition. The 34-year-old recorded statistics of 4-0-5-3 on a brand-new surface at the stadium, putting DC up early in the Powerplay.</p>
<p>In an initial Powerplay explosion that left the Warriorz reeling at 21 for 3 after six overs and exposed the young Indian middle-order quicker than Healy and the management would have wanted, Kapp grabbed the wickets of Vrinda Dinesh, Tahlia McGrath, and Alyssa Healy.</p>
<p>While McGrath was the wicket that grabbed Dinesh and Healy, respectively, it was McGrath’s film that Kapp would want to carry with her to remind herself of how brilliant she can be on her day.</p>
<p>McGrath is the second-best T20I hitter in the world. She has a tight technique and prefers to play against speed and spin with a straight bat, making excellent use of the straight boundaries while taking the aerial path.</p>
<p>On Monday, however, the bat was almost perfectly straight, but a ball that pitched on middle stump and struck the top of off stump with a crisp seam had beaten her defense.</p>
<p>Healy had collapsed similarly two nights before, when Sophie Molineux, a left-arm spinner for Royal Challengers Bangalore, had swung a delivery and struck the off stump. On that particular occasion, Healy may be forgiven since the game’s pitch was a reconditioned one that had begun to show signs of wear and tear after only 30 overs of bowling.</p>
<p>McGrath was hit by a similar ball on Monday that swerved quickly and almost suddenly. The ball even caused McGrath to remain rooted, his bat face fixed firmly, as it struck some wood. When they’re in a slump, batters prefer to carry around tapes of some of their finest performances as a reminder of their ability.</p>
<p>That ball to McGrath may accompany her to relive the good times, whether she is playing for South Africa, a franchise in cricket, or anyplace else in the globe. The Australian could have thought that if she had been batting at 150, the ball would have still been good enough to send her back to the pavilion as she strolled back to the hut, unwinding her gloves and pulling her bat under her armpit.</p>
<p>As would be expected, Kapp was grinning after being dismissed, but she was also wiggling her tongue to the right, perhaps expressing astonishment at the ball’s unusually large departure that caused it to strike the off stump.</p>
<p>The Warriorz would have felt that they had lost an important toss because of Kapp’s spell, which had really given them the Monday blues. They may have been spared Kapp’s “hellish spell” if a coin had been flipped.</p>

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