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Waiting for your income tax refund after filing your ITR? Here is what to do

<p>For the fiscal year 2022–2023, income tax returns (ITRs) had to be submitted by July 31. ITRs during this assessment year were around 6.77 crore as of July 31 at midnight. A refund has been processed for individuals who are qualified, according to the Income Tax Department’s website, which states that 3.44 crore of these ITRs have been processed.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-111397″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1218″ height=”818″ srcset=” 274w,×101.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1218px) 100vw, 1218px” /></p>
<p>The average processing time for refunds has decreased because to technological development and the move to an online system. The tax refund typically appears 7 to 120 days after ITR filing. However, receiving the income tax refund is often delayed. Let’s examine now how to handle a delayed income tax refund.</p>
<p>The five primary causes of the refund delay are as follows:</p>
<p>1. Inaccurate bank account information</p>
<p>2. The need for more documentation</p>
<p>3. Giving false information to get a refund.</p>
<p>4. TDS/TCS mismatch</p>
<p>5. An incomplete reimbursement.</p>
<p>What should I do if the reimbursement never arrives?</p>
<p>Check your inbox first if it has been a while since you submitted your ITR and your tax refund has still not been deposited into your bank account. It’s conceivable that you received an email from the Income Tax Department asking for any additional details about your ITR. If the letter has arrived, respond to it properly. You may ask for a refund reissue if the ITR status indicates that the refund has run its course. On the other hand, if the status indicates “Returned,” you may request to the e-filing site or Assessing Officer for a refund re-issue.</p>
<p>Tips for complaining</p>
<p>According to tax experts, if the refund is not received within 30 days after submitting the income tax returns, the situation should be looked into. Taxpayers may file a complaint regarding the non-receipt of a refund at if no explanation for it has been provided on the electronic filing site. In addition, one may protest about it by calling the Income Tax Department’s toll-free line at 1800-103-4455. Every working day between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm, contact this number. You may also file a complaint against it on the e-filing site, if you’d like.</p>
<p>How to track a refund</p>
<p>The e-filing websites and of the National Securities Depository Limited both allow users to check the status of their tax refunds. Open and log in using your user ID (PAN) and password to see the refund status via the e-filing system. Then choose e-file from the menu. Click on View Filed Return after selecting Income Tax Return in this window. The status of the recently filed ITR will be shown when you choose the View Details option.</p>
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