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Verify GMP, Listing Date, Allotment Date, Lot Size, and More for Sheetal Universal IPO

<p><strong>New Delhi:</strong> On Monday, the public was able to subscribe to the Sheetal Universal Ltd IPO; it is scheduled to conclude on Wednesday, December 6. The SME IPO has attracted a lot of interest; as of 10:19 am on the last day of bidding, offers for 8,26,40,000 shares have been received against the 32,28,000 available shares, attaining a subscription rate of 25.60 times.</p>
<p><img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-297089″ src=”×393.jpg” alt=” verify gmp listing date allotment date lot size and more for sheetal universal ipo” width=”1068″ height=”559″ title=”Verify GMP, Listing Date, Allotment Date, Lot Size, and More for Sheetal Universal IPO 9″ srcset=”×393.jpg 750w,×402.jpg 768w,×79.jpg 150w, 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1068px) 100vw, 1068px” /></p>
<p>Subscription by Category<br />
The group of non-institutional investors has shown significant interest, with a 17.26 times subscription rate. In the meanwhile, the excitement shown by retail individual investors (RIIs) has been extraordinary, as they have subscribed at an astounding pace of 29.92 times. (See Also: “Mummy Bahu Mil Gayi Hai, Profile Delete Kar Raha Hu;” CEO Of Shaadi.Com Reacts To Hilarious Jokes With “Dhanda Band Karwaoge Kya “)</p>
<p>Past Patterns of Subscriptions<br />
Tuesday, the second day of bidding, had a subscription rate of 20.54 times for the SME IPO, showing a promising trend ahead of the closing day. Have You Read: Will Banks Be Open Five Days a Week? Examine the demands made by the Banking Association.</p>
<p>Issue Specifics and Costs<br />
The fixed price per share for the Rs 23.80 crore Sheetal Universal SME IPO is Rs 70. 32,28,000 new equity shares having a face value of Rs 10 each are being issued as part of the IPO.</p>
<p>GMP (grey market premium) trends<br />
Market watchers have noticed that the gray market price of Sheetal Universal Ltd’s unlisted shares is Rs 12 more than the issuance price. An expected 17.14 percent listing gain from the public issuance is indicated by this Rs 12 gray market premium. It is important to remember that GMP may change and is influenced by market sentiment.</p>
<p>Dates of Listing and Allotment for Net Avenue Technologies’ IPO<br />
December 9 is the planned listing date for the Net Avenue Technologies IPO on NSE SME, and December 7 is probably when shares will be allotted.</p>
<p>Size of Lot for Net Avenue Technologies’ IPO<br />
Potential investors must apply for the IPO with a minimum lot size of 2,000 shares, and a minimum investment of Rs 1,40,000 is needed from retail investors. High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) must invest a minimum of two lots (4,000 shares), or Rs 2,80,000, to qualify.</p>

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