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Regarding His Rumoured Relationship With Priyanka Chopra, Harman Baweja says: Scooping Was Fun

Priyanka Chopra, who is now wed to American music singer Nick Jonas, had a love relationship with Harman Baweja before they started working on Love Story 2050 together. On the set of the 2008 science fiction romantic drama, the two are said to have fallen in love. The pair also appeared in the 2009 film What's Your Raashee?

Now that Priyanka Chopra relationship speculations have surfaced, Harman has finally spoken out about them.

“That's tabloid media to start with,” he told ET. They are not really interested in the fact that you have worked hard on a movie set and sustained an injury. They spot you outside a restaurant, and three minutes later another female leaves the same establishment. According to the tabloids, they assume that you are having lunch with that girl, even though that is probably not the case. The second child may have been with her father when I went to get a package of food. When the scoops were sweet, they were enjoyable, but when they weren't, they were unpleasant. However, because it's inherent to the service, you can't really complain.

Priyanka Chopra recently discussed her former romances, meanwhile. During the filming of Quantico, which served as her Hollywood debut, the legendary actress from Bollywood admitted that she was seeing someone. Priyanka Chopra said that her fellow cast members on Quantico despised her former partner because she was “always crying” in that relationship.

Priyanka said on Alex Cooper's podcast Call Her Daddy that her Quantico co-star Graham Rogers first invited her to meet her future husband Nick Jonas.

“After seeing Quantico, Nick's elder brother Kevin Jonas suggested that the two of them become together. At the time, I was filming Quantico for television, and my co-star Graham suggested that we get together since he had been in a film with Nick. Once again, both Nick and I at that time were involved in a romantic relationship. But since I would constantly be on the phone crying and they would have to wait for me, my co-stars at the time loathed my lover. “You need to get out of this f***ing relationship,” they added, according to Priyanka.

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