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Mitchell Marsh anticipates that Australia’s all-rounder will excel in India for the ICC World Cup

<p>Mitchell Marsh predicted that Australia’s all-rounder Glenn Maxwell will play a significant part in the ODI World Cup because he adds a lot of balance to the team as the third spinner.</p>
<p>Maxwell, who had been out of top-level cricket for six months owing to ankle pain and the birth of his kid, bowled Australia to a decisive 66-run victory over India in the third and final ODI here on Wednesday night with a career-best 4 for 40.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-209444″ src=”” alt=” prepare for the art of living world culture festival in 2023 a global celebration” width=”1240″ height=”646″ srcset=” 311w,–150×78.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1240px) 100vw, 1240px” title=”Mitchell Marsh anticipates that Australia's all-rounder will excel in India for the ICC World Cup 9″></p>
<p>“That spell was fantastic. After not playing much cricket for the previous three months, he returned,” Marsh stated at the news conference.</p>
<p>It was wonderful to see him again. It is the dynamism, presence, and equilibrium that Maxi provides to the group. Although his bowling and the choices he will provide us with our all-rounders are crucial for us heading into the World Cup, we are aware of his superb hitting.</p>
<p>There may be wickets when Maxwell fills in as the third spinner during this World Cup, Marsh stated while discussing his position in the tournament.</p>
<p>“But just the ability for us to play the three quicks, a spinner, and have Maxi who has the ability on the right wicket to bowl ten overs, think you see a lot of teams around the world have guys like Maxi; it gives you a lot of flexibility with the teams you can pick or the way you can structure your batting line-up.”</p>
<p>Marsh, who hit a game-winning 96 in the first half, cramped up while batting in the intense heat and humidity and was unable to play field in the second innings.</p>
<p>It was as challenging as any place I have played baseball. I was completely worn out and cramping throughout my body when I got off, but it was still amazing to have a part in such a victory. I think our cricket performance was amazing,” he remarked.</p>
<p>“I wanted to (bowl), and I bowled a few balls (during warm-up), but my legs were cramping all the way up.</p>
<p>“I’ve played 10 of a potential 11 games in the previous three weeks, so with what’s coming, the staff recommended to temper my jets for the fielding innings,” he said. “It’s been a huge couple of weeks.</p>
<p>Marsh had a chance to add a second ODI century to his resume against India for the second time this year but nearly missed. He said, “It is never nice to get that close you want to get to 100.”</p>
<p>“It’s disappointing, but the way we all batted was excellent, and going ahead to the World Cup, that’s truly how we want to approach it. I believed that today’s (Wednesday) performance served as a very excellent model for how we want to play our cricket and provided ourselves with a chance.</p>
<p>Marsh said that having a clear understanding of his position within the squad and receiving more opportunities to bat first had helped him go closer to reaching his maiden ODI century since 2016.</p>
<p>“You constantly wish there were more hundreds. You don’t always have the chance to hit hundreds back there, which is why I’ve batted for the most of my career in the middle to lower order.</p>
<p>In order to set the stage for the team, I have batted at the top of my game this year and am putting myself in a position to score hundreds.</p>

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