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Meet the actress who, after three or four financially unsuccessful films, left performing and whose father married at the age of 70

<p>In 1992, Aamir Khan’s film “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” was well-received by the public upon its theatrical debut. Pooja Bedi, the daughter of Kabir Bedi, plays the part of Aamir’s girlfriend in this movie. The movie brought the actress a great deal of fame. However, she was unable to capitalize on her fame and left the film industry after five or six years.</p>
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<p>Kabir Bedi, the father of Pooja Bedi, was also well-known in his day. Kabir Bedi’s name was often associated with actresses, and his romantic life frequently made news. However, everyone was taken aback when he announced his fourth marriage—to a woman younger than his daughter—when he was seventy years old. Pooja Bedi’s life has been enmeshed in controversy, much like Kabir Bedi’s. The actress even converted to Christianity out of love. Pooja Bedi’s marriage, however, ended abruptly, and she attempted to return to the performing industry.</p>
<p>The majority of people believe that Pooja Bedi’s career began with the Aamir Khan movie “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar.” However, not many people are aware that the actress had her cinematic debut in 1991 with the release of “Vishkanya.” Her second movie with Aamir in the lead role was “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander.” The actress was regarded as one of the daring actresses of the 1990s.</p>
<p>Pooja never shied away from taking on daring situations, even in the 1990s when women used to avoid undertaking them. Pooja Bedi had been filming an advertisement in the shower at the time. The advertisement film was the subject of much controversy. This photo session for an advertisement was also quite controversial. It was forbidden to be shown because it was deemed too audacious for television. Nonetheless, the actress said that she had an amazing time working on this advertisement shoot.</p>
<p>Pooja Bedi wed Gujarati Muslim Farhan Furniturewala, whom she had met in 1990. May 1994 saw their marriage. Following her marriage, Pooja Bedi became an Islamic convert and adopted the name Noorjahan. Among their two kids is Alaya Furniturewala. In 2003, Pooja Bedi and Farhan parted ways.</p>
<p>Pooja Bedi got engaged to Maneck Contractor in February 2019.</p>
<p>She became preoccupied with things other than movies after her divorce. Few people are aware that Pooja’s career consisted of very few film appearances. Her career had ended in only five or six years. The actress has appeared in movies like “Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee,” “Aatank Hi Aatank,” “Lootere,” and “Shakti.”</p>
<p>Her most recent noteworthy performance was a lengthy cameo in the film “Masaba Masaba.”</p>

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