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From Farm to Terrace: How Hasiru Agro is Bringing the Orchard to Your Doorstep!

In the world of farming, there’s a challenge that’s been around for ages. When farmers plant fruit trees, they often feel uncertain about the outcome. It’s like embarking on a journey without a clear direction – hoping for the best but often facing disappointment.

Unlike other crops that can be changed if they don’t perform well, fruit trees take several years to yield results. This uncertainty arises because there’s no proper certification for fruit tree varieties, leaving farmers vulnerable to unreliable nurseries.

Enter Hasiru Agro, a beacon of change in this uncertain landscape. Founded by Mr. Arjun, an Engineering Graduate from RV College, Bangalore, and Anirudh, a seasoned expert in supply chain management, Hasiru Agro embarked on a mission. For over two years, they traversed the country, cultivating relationships with farmers and scouring nurseries to curate a collection of authentic and exotic fruit varieties.

Today, Hasiru Agro proudly offers over 500 fruit plant varieties, ranging from cherished classics like mangoes and guavas to exotic treasures like avocados and litchis, catering to diverse palates.

Their impact transcends commerce, recognized by Startup India for their collaboration with over 5000 farmers and delivery of half a million saplings, fostering agricultural growth. Their recent venture into e-commerce has garnered attention, particularly among urban farmers seeking terrace and kitchen garden solutions.

Imagine your terrace transformed into a lush paradise, with mangoes, jackfruits, and lemons ready for the plucking, courtesy of Hasiru Agro’s terrace-friendly varieties. Their wide range of plants, ideal for urban settings, brings nature’s bounty closer to home. From the vibrant hues of Malanad Midi mangoes to the exotic allure of Black Guava, Hasiru Agro offers a diverse array of options.

In a market dominated by giants like Ugaoo, Nursery live, and Plants guru, Hasiru Agro has carved its niche as the exclusive online fruit sapling store. Their top-quality saplings and satisfied customers keep them in high demand, with constant sell-outs since the launch of their website.

Looking forward, Hasiru Agro has ambitious plans to revolutionize gardening and farming further. Leveraging technology for optimized processes and enhancing customer engagement through AI-driven features are on the horizon.

If you’re curious to witness their journey firsthand, visit their nursery nestled in the verdant landscapes of Kengeri, Bangalore. It’s more than just a nursery; it’s a testament to Hasiru Agro’s vision—a greener, more sustainable future for agriculture.

In the narrative of Hasiru Agro, we find not just a company, but a tale of passion, perseverance, and promise. Join them on their journey, and let’s cultivate a brighter tomorrow together.