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AI Is The Future, So This Company Will Stop Producing Phones Right Now

<p>While phone companies are beginning to highlight AI, one business has concluded that phones are no longer necessary and is entirely committed to AI going forward. The company Meizu has declared its intention to exit the smartphone market and is prepared to put all of its eggs in the AI basket.</p>
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<p>Meizu plans to concentrate on creating mobile-specific AI-powered operating systems and may possibly introduce its first piece of AI-enabled hardware in 2024. Meizu has shown the power of its hardware with phones that are being released all over the world, but the firm is no longer drawn in by the market since the rate of upgrades is increasing in comparison to prior years.</p>
<p>The CEO of the firm said that consumers are waiting over four years for a new phone, which seems to have persuaded the corporation to shift its future emphasis to artificial intelligence. Meizu is now accessible via in-car consoles, and the company’s recent emphasis on AI indicates that more businesses are placing their bets on the future rather than sticking with a crowded market.</p>
<p>Major IT companies have shifted their emphasis to artificial intelligence (AI), which has unfortunately resulted in job losses and financial investments in products that use AI in some capacity.</p>
<p>Chinese companies have made equivalent investments in technology; several chatbots are demonstrating their potential, and additional products from well-known businesses in the area are in the works. Meizu is just following the trend, reducing its losses in the mobile market to concentrate on a more AI-centric approach that will be implemented later this year.</p>
<p>What then occurs to Meizu’s current user base? The corporation guarantees that its support will not fade and that its outlets in China will be open for business as usual. That being said, Meizu is probably going to close its doors in more areas going forward.</p>